Impeach the Speaker

Impeach Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has violated nearly every campaign promise, usurped presidential authority in her hunger for power and recognition in the Middle East, violated the Logan Act and impaired America's safety by personally killing the Protect America Act. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of partisan Democratic leadership must be held accountable for acts in which they promote their self interests to the detriment of America.

Nancy Pelosi

Madam Pelosi is a clearly self absorbed and self righteous person who is blinded by the power of politics and unable to see her 22% approval rate and failure to advance the causes most important to Americans.

Removing Nancy Pelosi from office will stem the tide of the liberal agenda and force politicians to resume conducting the peoples business.

Congressional liberals, devoid of a stated agenda and seemingly incapable of bipartisanship for the peoples' benefit, continue their short sighted campaigns which impair homeland security, promote socialist entitlement, attack the sanctity of marriage, pledge amnesty for illegal aliens and inject political correctness as a justifiable means to counter common sense and logical thought.

Pelosi and her liberal allies promote class warfare tactics to divide America into phantom groups of haves and have-nots. Pelosi and her colleagues refuse to provide quantifiable definitions for campaign phrases such as “middle-class.” The term “middle-class,” like “working Americans” and “the rich,” has value only in its ability to divide by creating class envy among Americans who perceive themselves as victims.

Congresswoman Pelosi is not alone in her denial of the facts, but due to her senior position she is the recognized face and mouthpiece of the lies and deception. When the more liberal media outlets do not follow the deception trail, Pelosi and her cohorts turn to distraction. They challenge and personally criticize their adversaries authority to use the means necessary to protect our nation from further terrorist attacks. It was only eight years ago when Islamic terrorists attacked the United States on home soil. Fortunately, our homeland has been free of attack since. However, rather than promote measures which are working, Pelosi refuses to believe that any administration other than her own can effectively manage the war on terrorism. Pelosi demonstrates an unwillingness to get over her hatred for any political party other than her own. The prevention of subsequent attacks are not unnoticed, despite Pelosi's best efforts to deny a victory over the terrorists who want to kill us and abolish our freedoms.

National security and the economy are important issues that must be addressed without political spin and self interests. It is of grave concern when professional politicians manipulate and lie about these issues to promote their political agendas. Congresswoman Pelosi is the epitome of a professional politician who places her political career and the leftist ideology well above securing the homeland, achieving economic freedom and promoting prosperity. The words of the immortal General Douglas MacArthur were never so relevant, “I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”

Americans deserve candor, honesty and integrity from their elected officials, no matter what political party or ideology they represent. America deserves a new speaker of the house.

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